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Ted and Katie's Adventures in Home Renovation!

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The Front of 247 Sultana Ave

The lonesome empty planter in front of the house. Someday you will be planted.
Ah the joys of home ownership! You get to do things like mowing your lawn over and over and over again. Week after week after week...
...after week after week. How much do those sit-down mowers cost?
When Ted's not mowing his lawn he also enjoys chain saws!  The two big ugly Italian Cypresses in front of the house are about to be removed.
The old man working hard for us for a change!  Revenge for all the holes Ted dug and hedges Ted planted as a kid.
Ted's dad let him pose with the saw.
No more Italian Cypresses.  Notice the sporty Hybrid Civic in the background!
Getting ready to head to the dump.  One of the joys of living in the Inland Empire are the wonderful dirt lawns.  The neighbor has an especially nice one.
Here's Katie and Ted relaxing in front of the house after a hard-days work.
Ted's mom took this picture with the hopes of getting Katie and Ted on the show "Curb Appeal".

Views from the back yard and beyond!

This is the easy access entry way for any criminals who happen to be wandering down the alley behind the house in the middle of the night.
As you can see Ted is keeping with the Inland Empire landscaping style.
Trimming some of the lovely trees in the back yard.
I have no idea who thought this tree would look good.
More of our collection of trash.
After some cleaning up.
Now it's off to the dump!
Nothing beats a trip to the dump!
Starting to look a bit cleaner.
"Left over right and under...where does the rabbit go again?" Confused with knots.
The old man and his trash.
The final haul.
Our fancy new washer in our garage.
Unfortunately there isn't a dryer.
It's amazing how much longer it takes to do laundry without a dryer.
Luckily Ted's mom comes out to help from time to time.
Ocassionally Katie will grace him with her presence too.
Another shot of the back of the house.
And of the garage.

Working on the back bedroom

Lots of spackling when you remove paneling.
Pulling out tack boards.
Cleaning the walls before we paint them.
More cleaning the walls.
More more cleaning the walls.
After painting we need to put in the crown molding.
Ted's dad working with the miter box.
After a short bout with the box they splurged on a miter saw. Much better!
The old man painting the crown molding.
Taking some measurements.
Painting the closet doors.
Ted's dad must really love him to put up with this.
Installing the ceiling fan.
Ted's mom taking a break.  It was well over 100 degrees this afternoon.
Katie pitching in.
If only we could align the doors.
Grayback and his son.

Other pictures from around the house

The fireplace in the living room.
Katie and Ted's parents sit down for dinner in the spacious dining room.
Ted and Katie ripping out the carpet in the living room.
Ted's mom hard at work.
Enjoying another gourmet meal!
A view of the kitchen as Ted and Katie do the dishes.
Enjoying some pie on the porch after dinner. Ted, Katie, and Molly.
Ted, Mike, and Molly.
Ted and Katie having breakfast in the living room.
With Katie's sister Betsy.

Ted's nemesis: The Sprinklers!

The evil valves!
Where'd that pipe go?
I think I can feel it.
Guess what this is.
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